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The Rout Causes

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People have seldom engaged in begging through choice, but have been driven to it by poverty, lack of opportunity, low levels of education, discrimination, poor health and mental and physical illness or disability.

The literature identifies many other factors that contribute directly or indirectly to panhandling including:

Ø economic restructuring and associated labour market changes, such as the decline of manufacturing leading to fewer jobs for low skilled workers and inadequate wages for the “working poor”;

Ø housing affordability problems and lack of affordable housing supply;

Ø inadequacy of coordinated services for individuals and families experiencing poverty;

Ø welfare retrenchment and benefit reductions which have contributed to escalating poverty;

Ø increased in- migration to urban areas of Aboriginal people who experience higher rates of poverty, unemployment and low educational attainment; domestic violence or physical or sexual abuse;

Ø drug or alcohol abuse;

Ø deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill; and,

Ø lifestyle choices.

The fundamental cause of panhandling is poverty. Most of the factors noted above are either the result of poverty or they contribute to poverty. Many panhandlers experience a complex set of challenges and circumstances that include a combination of many of the above factors.


Written by lesmuise

October 27, 2008 at 11:49 pm

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