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Its time to deal with the problem

It’s a matter of image …. Or is it?

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Is panhandling really a problem in Halifax that needs attention or are we faced with a social change issue that we just have to accept and get used to because there is nothing that can be done. To address this question it is important to consider the image of Halifax that we project & compare that with the reality of life on the streets.

Spring Garden Area Merchants Association – Home

Spring Garden area is home to a whole range of business activity… Visiting Here – GO, Spring Garden area is the retail heart of Halifax. –

Spring Garden area is the retail heart of Halifax.  Consisting of nine city blocks, the area has over 200 retail shops, most independently owned, and served by ample convenient parking.

This charming vibrant area is a shopper’s paradise: brand name fashions, Nova Scotian giftware and hair salons rub shoulders with excellent restaurants, coffee houses and bars.  The area is becoming home to a growing number of upscale residential dwellers who occupy increasing numbers of convenient residential developments.

These unique nine blocks are surrounded by attractions – the Victorian Public Gardens, the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, and one of the most important historic sites in Canada, the Halifax Citadel – all adding to the interest of this special place.

Downtown Halifax Business Commission, DHBC, Shopping, Business …

The Downtown Halifax Business Commission works hard to revitalize the Downtown core and ensure is a great place to live, work, shop and play.

Why Come Downtown?

The cities that you generally hear jokes about are those same cities that don’t have a great downtown. Downtown was once the heart of every city – everyone worked there, lived close to it, and did all of their shopping there. Then industrial uses died, malls were built near the suburbs, and most recently big box power centres were created. The face of Downtown changed forever.

So what does the face of downtown look like now, and why would people come here? Downtown Halifax is where you come if you work in commerce, tourism, education, or creative industries. Downtown Halifax is where you live if you want to live close to amenities, culture, restaurants, and you don’t want to use a litre of gasoline to buy a litre of milk. Downtown is where you come to shop or dine or attend an event which is unique and authentic, and specialized. 

The cache of big box retail, outlets and malls is that you know what you’re getting. The experience at one of those retailers in Halifax will be exactly the same as you’d get in Moncton, or Toronto, or New York City.  But downtown is full of unique destinations for the discerning shopper. You would be amazed as you wander the streets at how many independent retail shops operate here and the treasures to be found within. Come downtown because you like the energy, the architecture, you don’t want to rush, and you don’t want a gift or service that is just like everywhere else. You want an authentic urban experience, and a unique purchase. That’s Downtown Halifax now.

Halifax Info – Halifax Regional Municipality Visitor Information …

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is a modern port city teeming with culture and heritage and the perfect place for your next holiday vacation.

In the heart of the downtown you’ll find art galleries, museums, historic sites and churches, shopping, sidewalk cafés and friendly nightclubs. Lively pubs and livelier entertainment and a nightlife that doesn’t quit, spectacular shows, first class sporting events, riveting live theatre on both sides of the harbour, scrumptious dining and non-stop fun are the ticket to an exhiliarating Halifax experience.

Now for the reality….


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October 27, 2008 at 10:51 pm

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