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Halifax’s Finest

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I know some of them as Terry, Ray, Allison, Pat & his brother Cliff, Robert and Paul but the rest are nameless faces that have become part of the background.

They come they go… with the seasons.

Each spring, after the snow clears, along with the first Mayflowers come the latest crop of Transient Travelers, swelling the ranks of our panhandler demographic by a factor of three.

At its peak in late June – early July there are 130 -150 individuals soliciting our financial support. By the end of July the travelers gradually head back across the country, either to return to school or to be in Vancouver for the winter.

Halifax is known within the Travelers community as a safe and hospital place to spend a month or two [in the summer] because its;

  • easy to find places to sleep,
  • the cops leave you alone,
  • You can make $100/ day – especially when the cruse ships are in port.
  • A good place to rest up and build your financial resources before you head out

The Break Out

Group Description      %
Long Term Panhandlers Have been on the streets for 10+/- years Medical / Physical / Mental disabilities      20
Chronic Substance Abuse / Dependency The only time they are not on the street is when they are in rehab or jail.      25
Temporary Out of work with out any Employment Insurance ( had been working under the table) and don’t qualify for Assistance      10
Sheltered Residing in a ½ way house or shelter       5
Transient Travelers On the road again… the wanderers way      35
Professional Paid Panhandlers Unicef, Red Cross, Green Peace etc.        5

Written by lesmuise

October 27, 2008 at 10:46 pm

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